The Swing Years

Today’s cool site is short and sweet. I really enjoyed it and I thought that it could stand on its own without a lot of frilly writing!

Swing took this country by storm in the 1930s, but had already started formulating in the late 20s. Now you can relive or discover swing with this Web site! You will need Real Audio which you can get here for free. (Choose the Get RealPlayer Free link to start your download).

This site gives you the option to stream the music or to download it. ” S ” means stream and ” DL ” means download. You’ll find those codes next to each song. So, if you want to listen to it now, click S or if you want to listen to it later, you can click DL.

There are four archives here of great music. From the music style of Glen Miller to Benny Goodman to Duke Ellington, you’ll find tons of it to listen to here. You will even find songs that aren’t just instrumental; you can listen to Bing Crosby, The Andrew Sisters and many more!

Let’s get swingin!’

~ Amanda