Mouse Battery Power

Here’s a quickie for you! Earlier this week, I talked about waking up sleeping mice. I told you that if you leave your wireless mouse alone for more than eight minutes, it will be sleeping when you come back. The reason they go into the sleep mode is to save some battery life, which is of course, very helpful.

Well, there are a couple other things you can do to save the battery life of your wireless mouse as well. There is one practice that may not be too practical for everyone, but if you’re able, you can always try it. I’m talking about using your mouse as little as possible. If you know several keyboard shortcuts, you should use them! (Or at least use as many as you can). The less you click your mouse, the more battery life you will save. Of course, this isn’t completely necessary, because a mouse is obviously intended to be used, but if you’re able to give your mouse a break every once in awhile, it won’t hurt a thing.

I know keyboard shortcuts are hard to learn and it’s even harder to remember all of them, so another thing you can do is keep your mouse on a white piece of paper or a highly reflective surface when it is resting. This will help conserve some of the battery power too. (Thanks to a newsletter reader for that little tidbit!)

Go on and give your mouse a break when you can. It will thank you in the end!

~ Erin