Start Menu Programs

How often do you look at the items under your Start menu? What’s all there? Is everything that’s listed there really necessary? Well, either way you answer that last question, you may notice that in the very first column of your Start menu, there is a list of programs. You may also notice that those are programs you’ve recently used. Continue reading as I explain what exactly it is I’m rambling on and on about!

With Windows, you can choose how many “recently used” programs show up in your Start menu. For example, right now, I have three programs listed. There’s the System Restore feature, Microsoft Word and the Calculator. Now, those are three programs that I visit on a pretty regular basis, so I like to have them there for easier access. Maybe you feel the same way or maybe you’d like to have more or less there. Whichever way you prefer, this is how you can control it.

Right click on the Start button and choose Properties. From there, make sure you’re under the Start Menu tab. Then click on the Customize button and make sure you’re under the General tab. Then look toward the middle of the box. It’s there that you can either increase or decrease the number of programs that will be listed first in your Start menu. Like I said above, mine is set to three, but you can set yours to zero or go all the way up to 30. It’s completely up to you. The more you have there, the faster you can access those programs, but if that’s not your style, choose something different. You’re the only one in control. Oh yeah!

~ Erin