ONR Science & Technology

Welcome to the Office of Naval Research’s site on Science and Technology. That sure is a mouthful! So, what do you think you are going to explore here? Well, Oceanography, Space Sciences and more!

Oceanography – This section is devoted to oceanography. Use the side menu to navigate within this section. Your choices are: Ocean in Motion, Habitats, Ocean Life, Ocean Regions, Research Vessels and Resources.

Ocean in Motion – This is where you will learn all about the tides, waves and currents.

Habitats – Here you can learn all about the different habitats in the oceans. From coral to kelp to beaches. Find out what these habitats are like and what lives there!

Ocean Life – Learn all about the animals that live in the oceans. From marine mammals to sea lions to green sea turtles, there is a lot of neat information about the creatures living under the sea here.

Space Sciences – Here you can learn how the Office of Naval Research studies space. The sections here are: Observing the Sky, Solar System, The Navy & Satellites and Naval Research.

Observing the Sky – Learn all about the motion of the Earth, Sun and Stars or even learn all about the constellations and celestial bodies.

Solar System – This is where you can learn all the ins and outs of the solar system. It’s divided into three sections: Inner Planets, Outer Planets and Compare Planets. In the Compare Planets section, you can compare not only size, but data too.

Blow the Ballast – Learn all about the navy and their use of submarines here in this section. This section was really interesting. You can learn all about a rescue mission or specific submarines, as well as, history of the people under the sea.

All in all, there is a lot to learn here at this site and it’s all very interesting. Pretty neat, huh?!


~ Amanda