User Interface

We tend to use this term quite a bit in our tips, but do you really understand what all is behind it? First of all, you should know that every time you use a new software program or any new application on your computer, you are experiencing the user interface. Basically, an interface allows you, the user, to interact with any program, any device or any other tools that you might use on your computer.

The interface includes everything you need to run a program. All of the little controls that come with the program (menus, links, buttons, files, sounds, etc.) are shown on the interface. The interface is also mainly the first screen you see when you install a new program or connect a new piece of hardware. It’s your navigational beacon that helps you surf through the rest of the program.

Most programs aim to provide a simple and easy to use interface. If it’s easy to follow, it’s going to be more effective for the user, which is always nice. There are different types of interfaces (graphical, Web based, command-line, tactile, etc.) and it just depends on the application you’re working with as to which one you will have from program to program. You should always take some time to familiarize yourself with the interface of a new program just so you’re sure you’ll know your way around without any major complications.

~ Erin