Super Quick Excel Charts

That’s right, not just a quick way to Excel charts, but a super quick way!

In fact, in just two quick steps, you too can have a beautiful graph of your data.


1. Select a cell in the data.

2. Hit the F11 key.


Instantly, Excel creates a chart sheet with the data already in column form.

If you’re looking for a quick comparison just for the sake of being able to “see” the data, this is a wonderful way to get an answer in an instant.

However, if you’re looking for a “polished” graph, it may not be picture perfect. But, with a few quick “tweaks,” I’m sure you can get it exactly the way you want it.

The trick to tweaking is in knowing where to click.

If you find you need to change a particular area, try double clicking.

A window will open that contains the settings for the item you selected.

Make your changes and click OK.

If you’ve got issues with missing items, such as labels or location of the graph, try a right click over the area to be changed.

When you right click, the menu that opens should contain many items, including the four steps of the Chart Wizard that will allow for alterations to the basics used to build the chart.

I’ve found that the best way to get to the steps is to right click with the outside chart area selected. (In some cases, with very specific items selected, you may only get a couple of the steps).

If you’re looking to change the type of chart, select Chart Type from the menu. (Or, if you left the Chart toolbar open, it’s pretty easy to change there too).

To change the data or its labels, you’ll need to go to the Source Data option.

Chart Options will take you to the third step of the Wizard, which allows you to make changes to titles (axis and chart titles), data labels, gridlines and the like.

Finally, the Location option will let you move the chart from its own sheet to be an object on the data sheet.

So, with one quick click of a key, you’ve got an Excel chart ready to be tailored to meet your needs!

~ April