Yahoo! Mail Beta

We’ve all heard of Yahoo! mail, right? Several of you probably even use it! Well, Yahoo! is allowing users to test something new that they’ve come out with. It’s Yahoo’s! new e-mail version, called Yahoo! Mail Beta. The look and feel of the new version is designed to look like a desktop e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. It features 1 GB of storage space, RSS feeds and much more. Keep reading to learn all about it!

The new Yahoo! mail comes with drag and drop capabilities and it allows you to select multiple e-mails without having to select multiple checkboxes like other Web mail clients. It will highlight those particular e-mails, so you can delete the messages with just one click.

Another great feature is tabbed e-mails. This is similar to tabbed browsing in Firefox. It allows you to have multiple e-mails open all at the same time. This makes it a lot easier to flip between e-mails with one single click.

One other new feature they added is the viewing pane. If you click an e-mail message once, you can preview the message. If you double click it, the message will open in a new tab. This way, you don’t have to open the e-mail to find out what’s in it. You can get the basic idea of the message before you even open it completely. This will save you time when going through your e-mail.

Yahoo! Mail has also incorporated new filters to block spam and phishing e-mails by using a technology they invented called SpamGuard. When I tested out the Yahoo! Mail Beta, I was amazed that I had virtually no spam in my Inbox. It was wonderful! It also scans attachments for viruses to ensure that your computer won’t face any e-mail risks. In addition, they encrypt the login page, so no one using the same computer can access your account.

Yahoo! also allows you to view RSS feeds right next to your e-mail, so you don’t have to go to separate Web sites to view news or announcements. It truly brings the headlines to you. Again, for more information on RSS feeds, click here.

The new Yahoo! mail also automatically checks for mail, so you don’t have to keep refreshing the page to check for new e-mail. When you receive a new e-mail, your count will instantly be updated.
Yahoo! Mail Beta also features single key keyboard shortcuts for things, such as New Mail and Delete, which makes it easier to access common features.

The feature that stuck out to me the most was the ability to synchronize your e-mail with your mobile phone. You can get alerts when you receive new e-mail and even do all of the features you can do on your computer, such as compose, reply, delete and forward. It works with practically all cell phone providers and best of all, it’s free! (This will vary depending on what your phone company charges for this service).

The beta version isn’t open to everyone quite yet, but if you have an account with Yahoo! and you would like to have it, head on over to the waiting list and add yourself to receive an invite!

~ Neil Patel