What is GUI, you may be asking? Well, it stands for graphical user interface and after talking about a standard user interface last week, I’ve gotten some request e-mails from you all to tell a little about a GUI. For starters, GUI is pronounced “gooey,” so that’s a little bit of an easier way to keep it all straight.

Basically a GUI is the method of working with your computer through direct use of graphics, graphical images, widgets and some forms of text. So, if you go to a Web site or use a software program that is just filled with graphics, you know you are working with a GUI.

GUIs are often times more attractive than basic user interfaces, because there’s always more to feast your eyes on and they just catch your attention so much more. The visible graphic features in a GUI are referred to as chrome. They include such things as eye popping buttons and menus, moving objects, scroll bars, etc. GUIs also contain different skins, so you can choose the one that you like the best.

GUIs are very cool to get acquainted with and in my opinion, everyone should work with a GUI once in their lifetime. So, go to it! : )

~ Erin