How do I insert a hyperlink in an e-mail?

Have you ever needed to hyperlink something in an e-mail, but just weren’t sure how to do it? Okay, let me back up for just a second first. You might be wondering what a hyperlink is. In case you don’t already know, a hyperlink is just another word for a link. It’s the colored link within a text document that you can click on to be taken to a Web site or to an e-mail.

Now that you know exactly what I’m talking about, let’s learn how to create one of your own in an e-mail. You can do this whenever you want to share a certain Web site address with someone or if you want to give them someone else’s e-mail address. You can go ahead and have it linked for your recipient, so all they have to do is click on it and they’ll be whisked away to the right spot in no time! It’s very convenient.

In most e-mail programs, you can type out a URL (for example, www.worldstart.com) and it will automatically hyperlink for you as soon as you hit the space bar. If for some reason it doesn’t, you can do it manually as well. To do this, start a new e-mail and when you’re ready for the hyperlink, click on the icon that looks like a globe with a chainlink around it.

It looks like this:

A box will then appear and you just have to type in the URL yourself. If it’s a Web site, make sure you have http:// selected and if it’s an e-mail address, have mailto: chosen. Click OK when you’re done and the link will then show up in your e-mail. It will then be transferred to your recipient for easy opening.

Now, one more thing. If for some reason you can’t click on the hyperlink icon, you can always go to the Insert menu, Hyperlink choice. That will bring up the same dialogue box for you and you will be able to get the link in place.

I did find out a couple of other things while I was researching this tip. Gmail does have the hyperlink option, but the icon in that program is just a chainlink. It doesn’t have the globe, so if you use Gmail, keep an eye out for that. Also, I wasn’t able to find a way to hyperlink in Hotmail. I may have passed over it, but there wasn’t any real obvious way to do it.

Like I said, most e-mail programs will hyperlink automatically for you, so you usually don’t have to worry about it. But, if the situation does arise, you’ll know how to complete the task yourself now!

Happy hyperlinking!