Remember the Milk + Gmail

Remember the Milk + Gmail

Hello again! As you may recall, yesterday, we discussed using Remember the Milk to organize your tasks. Well, Remember the Milk also has a Firefox extension for Gmail, which makes organizing your schedule even easier. So, for all of you Gmail users out there, let’s get ready, get set and go!

1.) First, click here and follow the instructions to install Remember the Milk for Gmail.

2.) Once Firefox has restarted, head on over to your Gmail account and you’ll immediately see a new sidebar.

3.) Click the Login link and type in your username and password. Now, you will notice that all of your tasks have been added to your Gmail. Cool, huh?!

4.) Next, in the top text box, enter in a task, like this:

It will then automatically be added to today’s date, but if you click on the task, another box will appear.

5.) Here you can set details for the task, just like we did yesterday.

6.) If you look right under the task entry box, you’ll see the Task View List. Here you can opt to view your tasks that are only in a certain list or tag.

7.) Now, I’d like you to open a message you’ve received in your Gmail Inbox.

8.) Once you do that, click the More Actions drop down list and select Create Task.

9.) Voila! The task is automatically added to your list.

If you head over to the Settings area and select Tasks, you can also add some interesting features.

For example, you can make it so that starred messages and messages that have been labeled are automatically added as a task. I think that’s a great feature, because I usually use stars as a way to flag e-mails I need to follow up with.

Finally, the last option deals with auto-suggesting contact names when entering in tasks. Try this out!

1.) Go back to your Gmail homepage.

2.) In the task entry box, type in “Call,” followed by one of your contact’s names.

3.) You will notice that a drop down box appears with your contact‘s name inside.

That’s pretty cool, huh?!

Oh, and by the way, if you’d ever like to hide the Remember the Milk sidebar, just click the little gray arrow in the middle. Once again, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Remember the Milk. It’s a great tool that makes the ever popular Gmail even better as well. Check it out today!

~ Neil Patel

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