Drag Data Between Excel Worksheets

Drag Data Between Excel Worksheets

Have you ever tried to drag and drop data from one worksheet to another in MS Excel?

What happened?

I’m willing to bet you started dragging the information toward the sheet tabs (looking to switch between worksheets) and you were stunned to find that all the worksheet wanted to do was zoom off to some extremely high row number.

So, now what?

Well, many people use Ctrl + Page Up/Down to move between sheets, but if you’re in the middle of a drag, that won’t work.

Some people just use the Cut/Paste routine, which works fine, but what if that’s not your first instinct? What if the drag and drop method is just what you like? Is there a solution for you?

I’m glad to report that the answer is yes!

The next time you’re dragging your data, simply hold down the Alt key and the scrolling will stop.

Once you’ve got the scrolling stopped, you’ll find that you’re allowed access to the sheet tabs.

While still holding down the mouse button as a part of the drag, highlight a different sheet tab and poof!

You’re on a different worksheet where you can easily complete the drop part of the data movement, using your preferred method. Oh yeah!

~ April

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