WGA for Vista

Chances are, you’ve seen ads on TV and at the movies about piracy. Am I right? Well, software counterfeiting is the same thing and it can be very dangerous. Counterfeit (or non-genuine software) could contain all kinds of spyware and you could get into legal trouble as well. Today’s tip will show you how to identify bootleg Windows Vista software and Microsoft Office 2007 software. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

You can follow these instructions to test whether or not your Vista or MS Office software is genuine:

1.) First, you need to visit this Web site.

2.) Once you’re there, click the Validate Windows button located in the top right hand corner. (If you want to validate Microsoft Office, click that instead).

3.) If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may need to click on the bar that runs across the top of the screen that says Install ActiveX Control.

4.) You’ll then just need to wait a minute or two and you’ll be done! If it worked, you’ll know right away that your copy of Windows (or MS Office) is genuine. If you couldn’t perform the test, click Try Alternate Method and follow the instructions.

Now, if you’re certain the software you tested is legitimate, the test may have failed because you entered the product activation key incorrectly when you first installed the software. The product key should be inside the packaging of the CD. (Note: If your computer came with the software, take your computer back to where you bought it and they can help you).

To fix this problem:

1.) Click Start and then right click on Computer.

2.) Next, click Properties.

3.) Click Change Product Key, just like the screenshot below:

4.) Now, follow the prompts on the screen.

5.) Next, go here and validate your copy of Windows again. The software should pass this time.

If you think your software may not be genuine, you can click here to see some examples of common counterfeits. Once you’ve examined those, you can then visit this link to begin filing a report.

To do so, just follow the instructions. Once you’ve submitted the report, someone from Microsoft will follow up with you (if you opted for a reply). You may be eligible for a complimentary copy of the pirated software from Microsoft. If you still aren’t sure what to do, call Microsoft. They can help! Below is a list of Microsoft’s phone numbers in various countries:

– United States: 1-866-530-6599 (Windows) or 1-800-590-6423 (MS Office)
– United Kingdom: 44-0870-60-10-100
– Australia (and surrounding islands, excluding New Zealand): 13-20-58
– South Africa: 0860-22-55-67 (0860-CALL-MS)

I hope this has been helpful!

~ Brandon Zubek