Office Invaders

Office Invaders

Need a break from the office? Well, let’s take one together by playing Office Invaders! This game requires Shockwave to play it, so if you don’t have that on your computer, you can get it here for free!

You start by choosing the character you want to be. Your options are Peter or Dawn. Use the right and left arrow keys to move your character back and forth across the screen. The space bar fires off your rubber bands. You need to dodge the paper balls the IT guys throw at you, so make sure to watch for them! As you progress in your game, you’ll face off with different departments. I’m all the way up to the HR guys!

You can also get power ups that allow you to move faster or shoot more rubber bands. To collect a power up, just shoot it with your rubber band. To use the rubber band ball power up, simply hit Enter.

Enjoying the game? Well, you can download it for a Mac or PC for free and play it offline too! Just install it on your computer and you can enjoy countless hours of play while you work your way up the corporate ladder!

I have to warn you though, this game is really addicting. I’m still trying to beat it. Have fun!

~ Amanda

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