More AIM 6.5 Features

More AIM 6.5 Features

Everyday, more and more users are using the instant messaging program of AIM to keep in touch with their friends, colleagues and co-workers. And with the latest version of AIM (6.5), there are many more features that are not only easily accessible, but a whole lot more useful. With just a short overview of some of these features, using AIM 6.5 will be a breeze for all of you. Let’s check it out!

One of the first features I noticed was the new status bar that appears at the top of the messenger. Even when your away message is not up, you can create a status message by entering text into the empty text box and pressing Enter. That message will then appear under your screenname for all of your friends to see. If you want your status to be accompanied by an away message as well, just click on the yellow sticky note located below the status bar. The eye located next to the sticky note can make you either a visible or invisible user (you appear invisible to all other users if you click the eye as “closed”).

To enter in a different away message, just click on the bar that says Available and choose from the menu of options, including: Available, New Away Message, Away Messages, Mobile, Invisible and Edit Away Messages. Through this short menu, you can create and edit past away messages, hide from other users or even set up your messenger on a mobile setting and transfer all of your messages directly to your cell phone. Cool, huh?!

Similar options from the previous version of AIM are also present when instant messaging with other users. For example, if you click on a screenname and open a conversation box, the following options are available at the bottom of the box: Txt Msg, Talk, Video, Pictures and Send Files. The first new option of text messaging allows you to send a message to the individual’s cell phone if you have their phone number. By clicking on that tab, a new window appears, asking for the user’s cell phone number and your respective message. Otherwise, you can click on IM in the bottom left hand corner if you wish to switch back to an IM conversation box.

The other tabs haven’t changed for the new AIM version. With them, you can enable voice conversations, share videos, start photo sharing sessions and send any sort of file via instant messaging. Additionally, if you wish to obtain the buddy info for a particular user, there is a blue “i” (which stands for Buddy Info) located in the bottom right hand corner of an IM conversation box. By clicking on that button, the user’s information will pop up on your computer screen for you to read.

With these basic features, you are well on your way to using and benefiting from the latest version of AIM. Be sure to stay tuned for even more AIM 6.5 features coming very soon. Enjoy!

~ Sheida

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