Starting Up Outlook

Outlook Startup Options

Do you use MS Outlook primarily for something other than e-mail? Is your routine to boot up your computer, open up Outlook and immediately switch from your Inbox to the Calendar or maybe the Tasks section?

Wouldn’t it be nice to bypass the Inbox and have Outlook start up in the place you use the most?

Yeah, me too! So, after a reader’s question came in, I did some research and it seems as if we can take control of Outlook and choose which function appears at the startup.

Interested in the how-to?

Good. Then let’s get started!

With Outlook running, you’ll need to go to the Tools menu, Options choice.

When the Options window opens, you’re looking for the Other tab, General section, Advanced Options button.

When you get to the Advanced Options window, at the very top (in the General Settings section), you’ll see a field labeled as “Startup in this folder.”

In older versions of Outlook, you’ll find a down arrow to the right of the field, which will open a list of choices.

Use the drop down list to choose which Outlook function you want the program to open up to and then click OK.

In Outlook 2007, you’ll find a Browse button. Go ahead and click it. A dialogue window will then open, called “Select Folder.”

Choose your preferred starting location and click OK. Next, click OK again to exit the Advanced Options window.

In any program, you’ll need to click OK again in the Options window.

Now, just to test it out, close Outlook and restart it again.


Outlook should open to the spot you have chosen. No more wasting time waiting for something else to load, when you didn’t even want to go there in the first place!

~ April

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