Five Brand New Bookmarklets

Five Brand New Bookmarklets

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about one of my favorite topics: bookmarklets. Bookmarklets, if you don’t already know, are little buttons that sit in your Web browser’s Links toolbar. Bookmarklets do an extremely wide variety of things, such as letting you modify the way you see another Web site, navigating Web sites more effectively and much, much more. Today, I’ll be showing you five great new bookmarklets that I absolutely love. Let’s check them out!

1.) Google Translate – When you run across a Web page that’s in a different language, what do you do? Do you open up another translating service and copy the URL? Or, some of you may just skip over the Web page altogether. Well, you’ll never have to do that again! Just use this bookmarklet and Google’s translation service will automatically detect the language and translate it into English for you!

2.) Alexa Site Profile – I’m sure all of you have come across a Web site you’d like to learn more information about. Perhaps, you found a shopping site and you wanted to make sure it was legitimate. Well, with this bookmarklet, you can find everything you ever wanted to know!

3.) View Password – Have you ever run into a situation where you’re typing in a password and it keeps coming back as incorrect? When that happens, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what you’re actually typing behind those asterisks? Well, now you can! Just click on this bookmarklet and you will see in regular text what you typed in the password field. Maybe you left the Caps Lock or Num Lock Key on. With this, you can find out for sure. Plus, it’s totally secure and hacker safe!

4.) Disable Style Sheets – This is a simple way to strip an entire page of its formatting. Some Web sites have many graphics, ads and hard to read fonts, so this is the perfect tool for getting rid of all that. You can see what Yahoo! looks like without its style sheet below. Cool, huh?!

5.) Kwout – I saved the best for last! This is probably my new favorite bookmarklet. How many times have you ever just wanted to take a chunk of a Web page and share it with a friend? Unfortunately, there is no simple way to copy a part of a page with the formatting. Well, now there is! When you’re on a Web page, just click this bookmarklet and Kwout will bring up a screenshot of that page. Then just drag a certain area you want to share and click Cut Out. Kwout will then give you the code you need to post it wherever you’d like.

How easy was that?!

Here’s a sample of what it looks like:

So, where can you find all of these great bookmarklets? Well, you can find the links and instructions to install all of the above bookmarklets right here.

I hope you enjoy all of these new bookmarklets! Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to organize them and save space on your Links toolbar, so be sure to tune in. See you then!

~ Neil Patel

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