Moving Cell Contents Without Borders in Excel

Moving Cell Contents Without Borders in Excel

So, you need to move some data around in your Excel worksheet and you’re a bit frustrated. Sound familiar?

No matter what you try (Ctrl + X or a simple drag and drop), you’ve not only managed to move the data, but all the formatting and borders as well.

Looking for a way to move just the contents, leaving the borders and such behind?

Okay, here’s the plan:

  • First, you’ll need to either double click on the cell or select the cell and hit the F2 key to edit the cell’s contents. (Of course, we don’t want to change anything, but we need access to the information in order to move it).

  • Now, highlight the information in the cell. (If you don’t have the “Edit directly in cell” feature turned on in the Excel Options, you’ll have to highlight the cell’s contents in the formula bar).

  • At this point, you’re ready to use the Cut command (Ctrl + X or use the Cut button or right click and choose Cut from the menu that opens).

  • Next, you’ll need to navigate to the “new home” of the information.

  • Once you’re there, use a normal Paste process (Ctrl + V or use the Paste button or right click on the cell and choose Paste from the menu that opens).

Voila! Your contents are moved without disturbing the cells you left behind. Yes!

~ April

0 thoughts on “Moving Cell Contents Without Borders in Excel

  1. Yeah, really!

    Anybody could have figured out how to do all that roundabout stuff. I’d like to MOVE CONTENTS ONLY without yanking the border along with it.

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