Additional AIM Features

For all of you avid AIM users out there, I have many new and exciting features and updates to show you for the latest version of the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) program (AIM 6.5!) In addition to the basic features of setting up status and away messages, sending instant messages and texts via AIM, sending files, talking, sharing videos and pictures, there are additional functions and uses to this program as well. So, let’s check them out!

First of all, AIM allows you to select and set up Expressions, which can help you personalize your profile just the way you want it. They also help to show your buddies the real you! To set yours up, go to the Edit menu in any open IM window and from there, click on Expressions. That will bring up a page with all of your personal expressions listed.

Under the Expressions menu, you can select your Personality by choosing a buddy icon, buddy wallpaper, buddy sound and your very own emoticons. Click on Change under any of those options to set everything up. Or, if you want to simply select the generic buddy feature, click the Reset button.

Other features can be accessed under the People tab on the top menu bar of any IM box. The first two options enable you to either start a Buddy Chat or a Voice Chat. When you click on either of those, you get to select which buddies you want to invite by clicking on their names from your Buddy List. You can then click Send to send out the invites and start the chat room. This is a great way to keep in touch with all of your friends and family!

Also under the People tab, you can access a buddy’s Buddy Info, which is their personal profile. You can see their profile, add them to your buddy list if they’re not already on there, ignore or block them if they’re bothering you or if you no longer wish to receive messages from them and view your Buddy Logs. Buddy Logs keep every conversation you ever have with a particular buddy on the same computer. They also keep track of the dates and times of the conversations. So, if you ever want to look back on a conversation you had, you can open this page to view your logs:

These handy features are easily accessible under the toolbar on top of each IM window you open. One of the nicer features about the new AIM is that you only need to have one IM box open and there are tabs for each of the buddies you are chatting with. You just need to switch between tabs to alternate between the multiple conversations you’re having. Happy AIMing!

~ Sheida