Are you terrible at remembering important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries? Do you want to make sure your loved ones get a message from you on their special day, no matter what? Well, now you can through MailFreezr: a revolutionary Web site that freezes your messages until the date you choose to send them. When the day you’ve chosen rolls around, MailFreezr then sends your messages out.

How does it work? Well, it’s very easy to use! Just fill in the recipient’s e-mail address, your e-mail address, your name and a subject. Then you just simply write your message. For example, I chose to send my sister a birthday message. I labeled it “Happy Birthday” and wrote her a birthday message in the message box. It’s so cool!

Next, you choose how many years you want it to be frozen. I chose one year, so now I’m covered for her birthday next year! If there’s a situation where you can’t choose the specific date, you can plan accordingly and fill out the e-mail on that day. Let’s say you just got married and you want to send your spouse a message for your five or even 10 year anniversary. To do so, just fill it out on your anniversary and set the freeze date for five or 10 years!

After you’ve filled out all the address fields, the message field and you’ve selected how many years you want it to be frozen, you’ll need to type in the code above the box that reads “Code” (you can just type it over the word). Then simply hit the Freeze button and you’re all set!

At the top of the page, you have the navigation options of Freeze, Check and About. About will tell you all about the service and Freeze will take you back to the main form. Check, however, is a lot more interesting! It allows you to put in your e-mail address and see if anyone has frozen a message for you. Check it out today!

~ Amanda