Quit Meter

One of the best things my roommate ever did was quit smoking! So, to show her how much she has saved financially by quitting, I went searching for a calculator. And that’s when I found Quit Meter!

Not only can you find out how much you’ve saved, but you can also keep track of how long it has been since you quit and how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked.

On top of all the great information you’re getting, the Quit Meter is really easy to use too! Just fill out the form and click the Calculate button.

The fields to fill out are:

Quit Smoking Date – Here you will fill out the date, year, time and select your time zone.

Cigarettes Smoked – This is where you will fill out how many cigarettes you smoked per day or per week.

Price Per Pack – This is where you put how much a pack of cigarettes cost you. For this number, I averaged the price between what she would have paid then and the cost now, because since she stopped smoking, cigarettes have gone up in price.

Now, just click the Calculate button for your results. According to my calculations, she has saved over $8,000 and has not smoked approximately 50,000 cigarettes over a span of six years. Wow!

If you leave the checkmark checked by the Calculate button, this site will make a cookie for you and every time you come back to visit, it will update your information. That way, you don’t have to fill it out each time!

Well, I’m off to show her the results. Check yours out today!


~ Amanda