What’s Your Password?

Steve came across a very interesting article the other day and lucky for all of you, he shared it with me! How does that make you lucky, you ask? Well, the article is titled “10 Most Common Passwords” and it included some mind blowing information that, in my opinion, all of you should know about too. Below is a list of the 10 most commonly used passwords by computer users today. Check it out!

1.) password
2.) 123456
3.) qwerty
4.) abc123
5.) letmein
6.) monkey
7.) myspace1
8.) password1
9.) link182
10.) your first name

Now, let me ask you this: Is your current password on that list? If so, I bet you already know what’s coming next. Yep, you are putting yourself at great risk by using a password like that. Passwords like those can be guessed by hackers in a matter of seconds, which means you’re only making things easier for them. All in all, if you’re using one of the above passwords, I urge you to change it right away. If you need help coming up with a more secure password, read this tip. It’s very easy to create a password that will keep you better protected, so please do it today. For goodness sake, please keep yourself safe!

~ Erin