AIM Features: One More Round

Hello again to all of you AIM users out there! I have some more great news for you today. Yep, there are even more features included in the latest version of AOL’s Instant Messenger program (AIM 6.5) and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. Let’s take a look and see what we’ve got, shall we?!

First, let’s go over all of the options you can access from the main AIM menu. Under the first tab on the menu, labeled AIM, the first two options enable you to open an IM box or start a voice or buddy chat. By clicking on New IM, you can type in the screenname of the buddy you wish to talk to or you can simply double click on their name from your buddy list to open an IM box.

Other options include reading your e-mail (if you have an AOL or AIM e-mail account), opening your personal profile, hiding your buddy list window and signing out of AIM. Now, if you simply exit AIM, you will still be signed on as Available, so if you want to be completely signed off, make sure you sign out the proper way.

Under the Edit menu, you can add a buddy or group. Adding a group is like creating a new list for Family, Friends, Co-workers, etc. Doing that helps you organize your buddy list into separate categories. It’s a great way to separate different types of friends or acquaintances, making it easier to locate them or pick them out among different users. The Edit menu also enables you to edit your away messages, your buddy info, your profile and your settings.

By clicking on Buddy Info, a separate box opens up in which you can enter in any information you want to be viewable to all of your buddies. Whatever information you include here will be visible by anyone who clicks on your screenname to view your buddy info.

Under the View tab, you can view your buddy logs, sort through your buddy list and organize your buddies in different ways. That can be done alphabetically or by groups. Finally, the Help tab enables you to receive AIM help, get AIM feedback and report any problems you may be having.

There you have it. All the AIM 6.5 features in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy them!

~ Sheida