Bring It On Over

Recently, I had a reader write in and ask about resizing items that have been copied from MS Excel and pasted into MS Word. It seems as if the usual copy/paste routine isn’t doing the job, because the pasted items are just too big.

(Note to Office 2007 users: I found that the regular paste works just fine in Word. It could be resized and moved without needing anything special).

Well, never fear, because there is a way to paste your Excel data and be able to control its size in Word. The trick is all in the way you paste!

Instead of a regular paste, you’ll want to do a Paste Special, which is found under the Edit menu.

In the Paste Special dialogue window, you’ll want to select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object and then click OK.

Your Excel data will go into your Word document with resizing handles, allowing you to integrate the information in whatever size you prefer!

~ April