New Update: Firefox

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written about a new update for the Firefox Web browser, so when I heard about the new version being released, I jumped at the chance to include it in today’s newsletter! I know many of you are avid Firefox users, so you may already be enjoying the new release, but just in case you’re a step behind, I’m here to give you the full scoop. So, without further ado, I give you Firefox, which was released on February 7, 2008. Let’s check it out!

According to the release notes for v2.0.0.12, several security and stability issues were discovered in the previous version (, so Mozilla went straight to work on getting them all patched up. I was able to find a list of ten different bugs that were fixed and they dealt with everything from Web forgery to stylesheets to Web browsing history to stored password corruptions to multiple file inputs and even some browser crash problems. They were all a little confusing to me, but if you’d like to take a look at the complete list, you can do so here. I’m just glad the Mozilla company knows what they’re doing!

Now, if you haven’t downloaded the new version yet, you should do so very soon. Like I said before, all of the found issues have to do with security and stability vulnerabilities, so you really need this update to keep yourself protected while you’re surfing the Web. To download Firefox, just go to this Web site and click on the big green Download Firefox – Free button. Or, you can get the update by opening your Firefox browser, going to Help, Check for Updates. Once you’re done, you’ll be all set and safe to use your Firefox any way you wish. Enjoy!

~ Erin