Name Card Designer

Welcome to Deyey (pronounced D-eye-y), the Web site where you can make name cards for free!

To get started, I recommend checking out the demo, which you can do by clicking the View Demo button located along the orange navigation strip. The demo walks you through the whole process, starting with designing your background, logo and adding your information.

To dive into your designing, start by registering. To do that, just scroll down the page until you see an orange tab that reads Sign Up/Sign In. You just need a username, password, e-mail address, to choose an industry, state whether you are a company or an individual, match the picture and agree to their terms of service.

Then just click Sign Up! The nice thing about this process is the Sign Up sheet confirms your information as you fill it out. As soon as you click the Sign Up button, it registers you and you can get started!

Next, click Create a Name Card to start your project. Then go through each step as described in the demo, starting with one and ending with four. Check out the example I made here. It’s really fairly easy!

With pre-loaded graphics and the ability to upload your own images, the options for name cards are unlimited. You can use them as a way to give out your name, address, e-mail address and cell phone number at your next get together or you can design really nifty business cards. Give it a try today!

~ Amanda