Ever try to print a page border on an MS Word document, only to find out the bottom is missing?

What did you do?

Probably everything you could think of, right? You know, choosing a narrow border, changing margins and so on.

Did it work?

Probably not. So, what did you do then? Remove the border completely?

Let’s hope not!

I’d like to suggest that we take another look at the page border tab and see what we can do. After you’ve made your choices, don’t click OK. Instead, take a closer look at what’s available.

Have you ever noticed the Options button on the right side?

Click it.

When the Options dialogue window opens, you’re looking for the “Measure from:” field in the top section.

Use the down arrow to select Text.

The margin numbers in the fields above will then change. They represent the amount of space from the text area of the page to the page border.

You’ll need to experiment with those settings to see what you like best.

Click OK to exit the options.

Click OK again to exit the page borders.

Once you’re back in your document, you can see the borders you’ve set and you should find that with the page border pulled in closer to the text, your printing dilemma is gone!