Give Them Back!

I’ve been asked several times about MS Office 2007 and its missing menus. Many people were happy with the menu system previous Office versions used and are looking to get that back.

But I have some bad news for you. According to my Office 2007 help, there’s no way to switch back to the menus. For now, you’re stuck with the ribbons.

In related comments, I’ve seen that people are upset with the ribbons using too much of their screen space, which obviously minimizes what you can see in your documents, workbooks and presentations.

Now, that’s something I can help you with!

If you right click over the ribbons, you’ll see the following choices:

Choose Minimize the Ribbon from the list.

You’ll immediately notice a difference.

The ribbons are now “put away,” leaving just their names visible and increasing your work space. (To reverse this, simply right click and select Minimize the Ribbon once again).

If you need something, just click a ribbon name and it will be opened over your document, allowing you to make your choice.

When you’re finished, the ribbon will disappear again, leaving you to continue on your merry way!

~ April