Reply All

I know we here at WorldStart have probably mentioned this in several other tips before, but we’ve never really gone over it in detail. So, that got me thinking that some of you may not completely understand it and since I can’t stand the thought of that, I figured I’d go over it today! Plus, I know most of you probably run into this on a daily basis while you’re going through your e-mail, so it’s important that you fully understand it. Let’s go!

First of all, just so we’re clear, the Reply All (also known as Reply to All) feature is an e-mail function and it basically means sending an e-mail to more than one person. For instance, let’s say you received an e-mail from one of your friends and although your address was the only one listed on the To: line, your friend copied (Cc) a few other people on it and you want the reply to go to all of them as well. In that case, you would hit the Reply All button and all of their addresses (and your friend’s) will be added to the To: line. That way, everyone can see your reply and you don’t have to worry about sending out individual e-mails. It’s such a timesaver!

Now, all e-mail programs have the Reply All feature, but it may show up differently, depending on the service you use. Here are a couple examples. In Outlook Express, the button says Reply All and it’s located right next to the Reply button. In Yahoo!, there’s a down arrow on the Reply button you can click to choose Reply to Everyone. In Gmail, there’s a down arrow on the Reply button you can click to choose Reply to All and in Hotmail, there’s a Reply All button located in between the Reply and Forward buttons. No matter which way you use it, this is one e-mail feature definitely worth checking out. I know I use it all the time. Try it today!

~ Erin