I love playing games like Mahjongg, Diner Dash and Luxor, but I have no real desire to shell out $20 a game for something I can only play once. Right now, I’m currently addicted to games where you have to hunt for items in a picture and drop puzzle games. The great news is, now I can play them as much as I want for free!

How does it work? Well, I’d be happy to tell you! You simply download the Most Fun game player, install it and then start playing. Some of the games are completely free and have no ads, others are supported by short ads before and after the game and some of them periodically pause to show you an ad. I thought the advertisement thing would be really annoying, but instead, I found it is totally worth it to have hours worth of free fun!

Once you’ve installed the player, you can choose as many or as few games as you’d like. The player will download and install them for you and let you know when they are ready to play. You can also use the player to uninstall them if you don’t like a game or if you’ve finished it.

Some games I’ve really enjoyed are: Blood Ties, Dream Chronicles, Diner Dash, The Treasures of Montezuma, 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, Slingo Quest, Ricochet Lost Worlds, Plantasia, Buku Sudoku and Mahjongg Investigations.

There are still games I’ve yet to have a chance to play! They also always tell you when they’ve added something new on the opening page of the player, as well as, what’s popular.

I hope you enjoy playing these free games as much as I already have. I’m off to play Mahjongg Investigations, because I have more criminals to catch. Enjoy!


~ Amanda