New Firefox Extension: Personas

One of the features Firefox users seem to love is the themes, right? I mean, we all get tired of the same old boring Windows colors after awhile. However, having a lot of themes installed in Firefox can sometimes slow it down as well. Even more, when Firefox has to update, it may have to update 10 to 15 themes, which can take a long time as well. So, how would you like a quick and easy alternative? Well, allow me to introduce you to Personas! What is Personas, you ask? Personas is a single Firefox extension that comes bundled with many Firefox themes for your browser. It updates and shuffles them around so that you have a fresh variety of themes every time you check. Sound good? Then let’s jump right in!

1.) Download the Personas add on from this link (scroll down and click on Install Now). You can then start the download by selecting Install Now again.

2.) After Firefox restarts, the Personas page will open. You’ll also notice a little fox in the bottom right hand corner.

3.) Click on the fox and a little list will appear with different categories listed, such as Most Popular, New, etc.

4.) Scroll down to Most Popular and select a theme. Since there are a few snow flurries outside my window today, I selected the Snowman theme, but you can browse through the choices and pick the one you like best.

5.) Almost instantly, your new theme will be applied. Check it out!

6.) If you look under All, there are several different themes to choose from. If you’re into sports, you can check out some of those themes. There’s definitely something for everyone!

There are also some nice patterns, as you can see here:

There is something in Personas for everyone’s style and I invite you to find yours. Enjoy!

~ Neil Patel