Better Nutrition: 10 Foods to Fight Inflammation

Did you know that what you eat can contribute to helping your immune system fight inflammation? What you eat can also fight against your body, if you have certain conditions. To learn more about both of those things, be sure to read the introduction to the food lists.

The first food list is a listing of foods that work against the body when fighting inflammation in certain conditions. The second list is of foods that work with your body to help fight inflammation.

I was surprised to find foods listed that I actually enjoy eating. Not only does it tell you why the food helps fight inflammation, but it also gives you a few pointers on how to prepare it.

After you’ve read the list of ten, you’ll be at the very bottom of the page. That’s where you will find a link that will take you to a page filled with recipes for the food products on the list. You’ll find two recipes on the page for a very yummy looking blueberry and spinach salad with walnuts and one for a soup with sweet potato and spinach.

So, the next time you face inflammation, I hope you’ll remember this Web site. Whether you’ve got a cut that is infected and inflamed or you’ve sprained your ankle and need to keep the inflammation down, these foods can help you out. Or, if you’re fighting chronic inflammation, adding these foods to your diet can certainly help you manage it. Check it out today!

~ Amanda