All About the Winamp Toolbar

If you’re an avid Winamp user, I have the perfect tool for you today! It’s the latest Winamp toolbar and I just know you’re going to love it. Now, if you’re not a Winamp user, here’s a brief summary of what Winamp really is. Winamp is one of the world’s largest free MP3 players that is also capable of playing CD audio files, Audiosoft, Mjuice, MOD, WAV and other major audio formats. Winamp allows its users to customize the look and feel of the interface with different skins, as well as, the ability to add additional plug-ins, which can add various visual effects to the player. So, now that you all understand what Winamp is, let me tell you about the awesome toolbar you can download for your Winamp player!

The Winamp toolbar enables you to manipulate Winamp playback controls directly through your Web browser, which allows you to access content from The toolbar’s features include instant access to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), as well as, new search capabilities, such as being able to search for Winamp skins and plug-ins. Along with that, you have access to free music and videos. So, now that you’re all filled in, let’s begin!

1.) First, go to

2.) Once you’re there, scroll down and click on Download Winamp Toolbar.

3.) Now, a small box will pop up, asking if you want to Run or Save the application. Go ahead and click Run. The application will then immediately start to download. Once it’s finished downloading, simply follow the instructions given and you should have the Winamp toolbar on your Web browser in no time!

As you’ll probably notice, the Winamp toolbar is broken into three sections: Search, Tools and Player Control. Those three sections are shown in the picture below:

Search – The Search control is pretty useful with the types of searches it has. From Web to audio to video to Shoutcast, it has a little of everything. If you’re a fan of Shoutcast, that feature will come in very handy. You can even download free songs right from your search results, which are integrated with AOL.

Tools – The Tools section, which includes finding Winamp skins and plug-ins, is very helpful and time saving. By searching for skins and plug-ins on Winamp’s Web site, there is usually an extra step involved and it can sometimes take you to spam-filled sites. So, searching with the toolbar is much safer! There is also a feature in the Tools section called Media. Media always shows a featured video and audio, which is pretty neat. Even more, the music from Media is free and you’ll always see the artist’s picture shown at the top. Now, that’s a plus!

Player Control – Player Control is very simple. The controls seen in the picture above are the controls available for you to use while you’re listening to your music or watching your videos. Some of the controls are: rewind, fast-forward, stop, play, volume, etc.

There you have it. You can now access your favorite Winamp features right from within your very own toolbar!

~ Mike Pettinato