Spyware Terminator

I think this is one of the best free downloads I have ever found! The program is called Spyware Terminator and it is a utility that provides full, real time protection against all spyware and adware.

I know there are several different spyware removal programs out there today, but Spyware Terminator is the only one I have found that is free and provides real time protection. Even the ever so popular Ad-Aware software does not protect in real time. This one is even compatible with Windows Vista. Oh yeah! So, as you can see, I highly recommend this program.

You can check it out, read reviews on it and download Spyware Terminator right here.

Note: This is a download from download.com. There are several other ads on the page for other products that are not free, so make sure you just click on the button that looks like this:


~ Gary