This week, I have a few more Firefox add ons for you and I’m willing to bet that you’ve never heard of them before! These add ons can make your life a whole lot easier while you’re browsing the Web. Like I said, these add ons are for Firefox only, so if you don’t have Firefox yet, you can download it right here. Okay, let’s check these out!

Tab Scope

First up is an add on that is simply amazing! It’s called Tab Scope and it allows you to see a preview of what’s behind each of the tabs you have open at one time in Firefox. It’s very useful for those of you who open multiple tabs at once and need to be able to switch between them, without clicking on each one. You can get Tab Scope for yourself right here.

Reminder Fox

For those of you who use Firefox quite often, this little extension will be very helpful to you. Reminder Fox builds a “to do” list for you, complete with reminders for Firefox so that you don’t forget any of the important stuff! You can get Reminder Fox right here.


This last add on makes every word useful on a Web page! To use this add on, highlight any word or sentence on a Web page, right click it and go to the HyperWords menu. You will then be given a menu of options, including translate, search and references. You can get HyperWords for yourself right here.


~ Gary