Fish Watch

This Web site poses the question: “Are you seafood savvy?” I know for certain that I am not! I am not a huge fan of seafood. I am slowly getting acquainted with it by a bite here and a bite there, but I’ve yet to find anything I would actually eat a whole serving of. However, I’m very open-minded on the subject!

I am a firm believer in sustainable seafood. So, while this information is based on the U.S., I think there is still a lot here that anyone in the world can learn about. For example, the side menu is a listing of fish you can get to know better by clicking one you’d like to learn more about. Yes, they are U.S. fish, but I didn’t know about half of them and I live here!

The rest of the page is divided into feature sections. They are:

Are You Seafood Savvy? – In this section, you’ll find a link that takes you to a page where you can learn the 10 national standards that must be met for conservation and managing sustainability.

Seafood and Your Health – Here you will learn all about how seafood plays into your health. Again, this is information anyone can use! It has a lot of information about how to buy seafood, what you need to know if you’re catching it fresh and even how seafood plays into the nutrition of expecting moms. You’ll also find a FAQ area here. To get to any of these sections quickly, just use the jump links at the top of the page.

Seafood News – Here you will find the latest news about seafood.

Profiles in Fishing – Here you will find a featured profile of someone involved with the fishing industry in some way.

Recipes – You know that if there’s a recipe link, I’m sure to find it! Well, if you scroll down this page, near the bottom, you will find a link to recipes from the Great American Seafood Cook-Off. It’s found below the side menu where all the fish types are listed. It opens in a new window and you will find recipes from the contest’s finalists.

I hope you’ve learned a lot about fish today. I know I have!

~ Amanda