Today, I have another great little utility for you called FreeCommander. FreeCommander is a program you can use to manage your files easily and with only one screen! So, tell me, have you ever used Windows Explorer? It’s a nice little tool to use to easily view the files and folders on your system, but it has one major downfall. With Windows Explorer, you only get one screen. So, if you want to drag and drop your files to different locations on your computer, you need to have two Windows Explorer screens open at the same time. Yuck!

Well, that problem is quickly solved by FreeCommander! This utility provides you with two side by side windows where you can navigate and drag and drop your files between the different directories on your system. I love this program. It makes moving the files on my system so much easier and much more efficient!

Now, I’m guessing the dual window feature is enough to make you want this program, but there’s another extra bonus. You can install this program on a flash drive! To do that, just install it on the flash drive and take it to any computer you want. You can then manage the files on any system, without having to install this program ever again. How cool is that?!

You can download FreeCommander for yourself right here. Just click on the link to get started. Also, while I’m talking about free downloads, have you had a chance to check out our new free Windows Vista and iGoogle gadgets yet? If not, you can do so right here. Enjoy it all!

~ Gary