Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell beforehand if a Web site is trustworthy or not? Well, with the Web of Trust (WOT) browser add on, you can! With 17,861,251 sites already rated and more being added everyday, this add on can definitely help you browse the Internet in a safer way!

I suggest watching the demo before you download the add on to see if it really is something you’d use. To do that, just click on the View Demo link located below the Free Download button. Not only can you watch the two minute video demo there, but you can also put WOT to the test. All you need to do is type in a Web address and click the Go button. It will then show you how that Web site has been rated.

Let’s give it a try right now! Type in and wait for the results. I was quite proud to see that we are rated in the green!

The rating system goes like this:

Red alerts you of potential dangers on a Web site.

Yellow warns you to be cautious when browsing a certain Web site.

Green tells you that a Web site is safe!

There’s even a child safety rating that can help you make better decisions about which sites are safe for your children to visit.

The download is very easy to do as well! It’s available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, so just pick the one you want and follow the instructions. When the download box comes up, choose Save. That puts it on your desktop so that you can install it at your leisure and you don’t have to go around searching for it. The download was practically instant!

The installation was also very quick and it gives you the option to view the user guide once you finish. The guide tells you more specifically about the stop light rating system and it gives you access to the FAQ section and the registration link.

You’ll want to register if you’d like to make custom settings for your WOT. Just fill out the form and click on the Agree button after you’ve read through the terms and agreements. Then click on the link in your confirmation e-mail and set up your password. You’re good to go now! Note: You do not have to register in order to use WOT, it’s just an option if you want to be able to customize your settings.

Take another step toward your safety and check out WOT today!

~ Amanda