I just downloaded Firefox 3 the other day and while I like it the way it is, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for add ons I could install to go with it. Thanks for any help you can give me!

If Firefox 3 add ons are what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! Just the other day, there was a post on WorldStart’s message board (thanks to user “HARLEY”) about this very same thing. So, apparently, you’re not the only one who just downloaded the new Firefox 3 Web browser and wants to spice it up a bit! Of course, there are tons of add ons out there for Firefox, but below is a list of five you may want to check out first. Let’s begin!

1.) Adblock Plus – Have you ever been on a Web site that just bombards you with pop up advertisements? You know, you’re browsing along and all of the sudden, an ad just pops up out of nowhere and takes up half your screen. If that annoys you more than anything, you’ve got to try the Adblock Plus add on for Firefox. It will block all of those advertisements so that you never have to lay eyes on them again. Sounds like a plan to me! (Note: If you don’t mind ads from a few of your most favorite Web sites, Adblock Plus also lets you create a whitelist for ads you don’t want to be blocked). Either way, it’s a win-win situation! Click here to install it for yourself.

2.) Edit Middle 2 – As you know, Firefox 3 comes with a new feature called the Awesome Bar (it’s like a location bar). And while it is pretty awesome, it unfortunately will not catch your typos. For example, if you happen to misspell something you’re searching for, you will not get the results you were expecting. Luckily, this add on can help you with that! Simply install it on your computer and it will correct any typos you happen to make. Check it out right here.

3.) No Script – This add on is designed to keep you more secure while you’re using Firefox 3. When you’re browsing the Internet, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into a few Web sites that contain JavaScript, Java or other types of scripts. Unfortunately, those scripts can be dangerous and they’re not anything to mess around with. But the No Script add on can help by only running that type of content on sites you trust. Everything else will be blocked! Install it for yourself by clicking here.

4.) Searchery – Do you like to use Google and Firefox together? You know, maybe you have the Google toolbar in your Firefox browser and you use Google to do all of your searching. If that’s the case, this add on will add the Google search box right to your new Firefox location bar and you can get rid of the other Google search bar. Once everything is combined into one bar, you’ll have a lot more room to work with and everything you need will still be right there waiting for you! Check it out right here.

5.) Video DownloadHelper – If you’re constantly downloading videos onto your computer, you’ve got to check out this new add on. It’s one of the best video downloaders I’ve ever seen and it’s so easy to use. It also supports several Web sites and works on pretty much any video portal you can find! Give it a try by clicking here.

Whew! Those are some pretty good looking add ons, aren’t they? Now, I know everyone has their own reasons for using the Firefox 3 browser, but these five add ons are bound to help anyone with anything they have to do. Try just one or try them all, but you better get to it. Have fun!

~ Erin