Link ‘Em Up

Do you use a lot of text boxes in your MS Office documents?

Ever want your text to flow from one text box to another?

Maybe you have quite a bit to say, but it has to be split into two different locations, so you have to use two different text boxes. Or, maybe you have to put the text above and below an object.

Whatever the reason may be, the point is, you need the text to be split. So, what can you do?

Well, I suppose you could choose a breaking point and manually split the text.

The problem I see with that though is the editing. Should you need to go back and edit your text, you may find you have to start moving text from one box to another in order to manually break it. What a waste of time!

Next time, try linking the text boxes.

Linking them allows the text to flow freely from the first to the second. Once the first text box is full, the text automatically spills into the second one. Want to link a third one to the second? Well, you get the idea.

So, if you’re interested, here’s the “how to” for linking text boxes.

  • First, you need to create your text boxes.

  • Once that’s done, you need to right click on the first text box. (Be sure to right click on the text box, not in it. If you click inside the text box, you’ll get a menu containing choices for the text. You need the menu associated with the box itself).

  • From the menu, choose “Create Text Box Link.”

  • Your cursor will then become a cup. When you put it over another text box, it will “pour.” Simply click while it’s pouring to link the boxes.

That’s it! They’re now linked. You can begin typing and when the first one is full, the text will automatically flow into the second one.

Links can be broken in pretty much the same way.

  • Right click on the first text box and choose “Break Forward Link” from the menu.

Now, I do have one side note for all you Office 2007 users. When you insert the text box, you’ll see a Text Box Tools Format ribbon displayed.

On the ribbon, you will find buttons for creating and breaking links.

You can use those buttons while a text box is selected, instead of the right click method.

It’s time to let the text flow!

~ April