Viewing Your Network Properties

Have you ever had the need to view your computer’s properties to either change your computer description, PC name or workgroup? Not quite sure how to do it? Well, that’s what I’m here to show you today! But before we begin, let me talk a little about the properties we’ll be working with. As you probably know, names and locations are used to identify computers on a network. The computer’s name refers to the individual machine and the computer’s location refers to how the machine is grouped together with other computers. Computers anywhere on the network can be located easily through the naming hierarchy and can be addressed individually by name. You can find the name and workgroup (or domain) of a computer on the network by examining the system properties. Workgroups are available on all Windows XP computers, but domains are available only within the Professional edition. So, now that you understand what the Network Computer Properties are all about, let’s get started!

1.) First, click on the Start button and go to the Control Panel (make sure you’re in the classic view).

2.) Next, double click on the System icon.

3.) Then click on the Computer Name tab.

In order to change your full computer name or workgroup, you have to click Change and specify a new name. But for the computer description, you can change it right on the application.

4.) Now, I will explain how to change each of the three properties.

Computer Description: To change the computer description, simply highlight the words in the box, hit Backspace and then type in the new description to change it.

Full Computer Name: To change the computer name, click on Change and then go up to the top of the application. Next, highlight the words, hit Backspace and then type in the new name.

Workgroup: To change the workgroup, simply repeat the process you did for the computer name. But, if you want to change the workgroup to a domain, erase the words in Workgroup and click on the little circle next to Domain. Then just type in the new name.

Finally, after you’re finished changing your System Properties, click OK.

If a little box pops up after you click OK that says, “You must restart this computer for the changes to take effect,” don’t worry, because if you restart your computer after you click OK, all your progress will be saved.

That’s all there is to it! Now, you know where you can go when you need to change your Network Computer Properties. Oh yeah!

~ Mike Pettinato