Tour of Firefox 3

As most of you already know, the new Firefox 3 Web browser was released on June 17, 2008 and it has been going strong ever since. I know there are still a few of you out there who haven’t installed it yet though and there may even be some of you who are using it, but don’t know a whole lot about it. If you fall into either of those categories, this is the tip for you! Today, we’re going to go on a little tour of Firefox 3 so that you can see what all it has to offer. We’re going to check out all of the new features and just take a look at everything you can expect. So, if you’re ready, let’s go on a little Firefox 3 journey!

A Smarter Address Bar

First of all, you know what Internet Explorer’s drop down address bar is like, right? You know, it looks a little something like this jumbled mess:

Well, the Mozilla company has gone one step further with their new Firefox 3 Smart Address Bar. Not only does it display the address, but it also shows the favicon and title of the Web site you’re looking for, like this:

Zooming Right Along

Now, do you ever wonder how certain Web sites expect you to read text like this:

I mean, I wear reading glasses and I still can’t read that small of print! Thankfully, the folks over at Mozilla have also installed a zoom function into Firefox 3 so that you can read the print on any Web site much easier. To do so, simply press Ctrl + + to zoom in (yes, that’s Ctrl and the plus sign at the same time). Or, if you want to zoom out, just hit Ctrl + – (that’s Ctrl and the minus sign together). As a result, you’ll see this instead:

Shop Safer

I’ve been waiting for Firefox to implement something like this. I know Internet Explorer has been working on a feature similar to this for Internet Explorer 8, but Firefox has it now!

As you can see, there’s now an easier way to access security certificates. If you click on More Information in Firefox 3, you’ll discover all sorts of useful information, including how many visits you make to particular Web sites and so on. (It also shows you how much of an addict you are to certain Web sites!)

Now, I noticed all of those features as soon as I upgraded to Firefox 3, but another huge difference I think you’ll enjoy is the new design of the browser. It now looks a little something like this:

I know that was a pretty quick tour, but as you can see, Firefox 3 has a lot to offer. So, if you haven’t installed Firefox 3 yet, you can do so right here. All in all, whether you’re starting out as a new user or you’ve been using it for awhile now, I hope you enjoy your new Firefox Web browser!

~ Brandon Zubek