Feeling artistic today? I hope so, because with this Web site, you can make abstract art with your mouse and the options they provide for you!

Ready to get started?! Choose one of the buttons at the bottom of the application and then swirl or move your mouse around the blank canvas and watch as it comes alive with color.

I recommend starting out by trying all of the different buttons to see what they do. Once you have the hang of that, go ahead and start a new canvas. You can make the canvas blank again by clicking on the button in the bottom right hand corner of the application that has the image of a blank piece of paper. It’s sandwiched between the Save button and a button with an arrow on it. The arrow button has multiple options for you to pick from, such as Save As and About.

The two rows of buttons under the blank canvas are all your creative options. You have 20 different options in total, which gives you a lot of room for individuality. One of my favorite buttons is the last one in the second row that looks like a hexagon. It makes interesting tube shapes on the canvas.

I recommend using the arrow button and the Save As option to do your saving. You’ll be able to save it to your computer a little easier than with the default Save button.

I enjoyed playing with this application and I hope you will too!

~ Amanda