How many of you have a growing DVD collection? If so, how would you like to be able to save or rip those DVDs to your computer? Yep, they would be saved on your hard drive and you could watch them anytime you please. That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today!

If you’ve ever tried to rip a DVD, you know it can be a complicated process. There are so many different programs that make you deal with video format, codecs, compression and all those other confusing settings. Well, I’m going to eliminate all of that from the DVD ripping process for you by using what is called a “one click program.” It’s a single program designed to convert DVDs into AVI or MPEG videos, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. Let’s get started!

1.) First, download the program you’ll be using as a ripper. It’s called bitRipper and the download link can be found right here.

2.) Follow the installation procedure that appears on your screen. When it’s finished, go ahead and run bitRipper.

3.) With its simple interface, the program will look similar to this:

4.) Now, you can go ahead and insert a DVD into your computer’s DVD ROM drive.

5.) bitRipper will instantly recognize your DVD. To burn the entire video, make sure Track 1 is selected.

6.) For the output, select Browse. From there, you can choose where you want the video file to be exported.

7.) To select the format, use the drop down list at the bottom of the dialogue box.

8.) Finally, click on Start Ripping. Once you do that, a progress bar will appear that gives you an estimated end time.

9.) Once bitRipper has finished, the file will appear where you selected to place it.

10.) To access another great feature of bitRipper, click on Settings. There you will see an option to shut down your computer after bitRipper is finished. I think that’s quite nifty, especially if you’re ripping a large DVD overnight. As soon as the ripping is done, your computer will shut down!

I hope you have fun with this great little program, but keep in mind that you should never copy or distribute videos that are copyrighted by someone else. Enjoy!

~ Neil Patel