White noise can serve many purposes, whether it’s soothing your migraines or helping you sleep. And here, you can experience white noise (and pink noise) for free!

How it works is you put your headphones on or turn up your speakers and slide the orb across the slider bar until you find a white noise zone that’s comfortable for you. To switch to pink noise, click on the pink circle. (I thought the pink noise was more fluid. It reminds me of water; rain on the lower spectrum and waves on the higher).

To learn more about white noise, I recommend following the link to the article about it on the Wikipedia Web site. It’s very informative!

You can also download white noise or pink noise by following the Click Here link for SimplyNoise audio files. They offer MP4 files and WMA files for download.

You can also leave feedback by filling out the form in the lower right hand corner. Just put in your e-mail address and fill in the empty text box. Then click Submit. Check it all out today!


~ Amanda