A while back Amanda reviewed a cool site called 99 Counters, where you could create your very own Web counters. Well, ever since, I have been getting gobs of e-mails from all of you, asking what exactly a Web counter is. I thought for sure we had written a tip about them before, but after looking through our archives, I found nothing. No wonder you’re not sure what a Web counter is! But that’s all going to change today. Keep reading for all the details!

Basically, a Web counter (also known as a hit counter) is a piece of software that calculates how many visitors a certain Web site receives. Every time a Web page is accessed, the Web counter increases by one increment. A lot of sites have counters, because the developers like to know how much traffic their site is bringing in. It’s a great way to keep track of how many visitors you get if you have your own Web site as well.

Web counters are usually displayed toward the bottom of a Web page, but it just depends on where the designer wants to put it. Some of them are just plain text, while others are fancy graphics. The time and date of when the Web site was created is often listed close by the counter as well. That keeps the count a lot more accurate. So, if you have your own Web site and you’d like to start keeping track of the number of visitors you get, you may want to look into getting yourself a Web counter. They’re very handy and once you see how many people visit your site, you’ll feel a lot better about the work you’ve done. Oh yeah!

~ Erin