iTunes: Basic Applications and Uses

iTunes is one of the most popular programs used by computer users today. And that’s especially true for those who love to listen to music. iTunes helps to store and manage all of your music files in addition to different types of media, including videos and podcasts. Podcasts are radio shows downloaded on the Internet. Not only does iTunes make it easy to access all of your music on your computer, but it’s also the program you can use to transfer those files onto an iPod.

Once you have iTunes downloaded, the Library tab is the first category you’ll see on the left hand side menu. The Music tab is where all your songs are sorted, which you can organize based on Name, Time (length of song), Artist, Album, Genre, My Rating, Play Count and Last Played. There’s also a search bar located in the top right hand corner, which makes it easier to locate a particular file you may be looking for. My Rating allows you to select the number of stars you wish to give a certain song. You can select anywhere between one and five stars, with five being the highest.

To listen to a song, simply double click on the song selection and it will start playing. The box in the upper portion of the window allows you to manage that as well. The triangle represents playing the song, while the quotation marks stand for pausing the song. The two forward and two reverse arrows are used for skipping between songs and the volume bar is located right next to that. The search finder is located on the opposite side and in the middle, you can see the time progression of the song as it plays.

The next three tabs belong to Movies, TV Shows and Podcasts. The next tab, Radio, can connect you to different radio stations, which are organized by their streams. You can click through them to see all of the various selections and choose what you like the most.

The next category is Store, which contains the iTunes Store tab. That enables you to purchase iTunes off the Internet. The third category on the menu is Playlists. The first tab, Party Shuffle, automatically creates a random selection of songs from your music library. The shuffle arrangement is handy if you’re indecisive about what you want to listen to at any given time.

The next six tabs that appear on your iTunes menu are the playlists that come with the program itself: 90s Music, Music Videos, My Top Rated, Recently Added, Recently Played and Top 25 Most Played. The first selects songs that fit under the specified genre. My Top Rated lists any songs you have given a high rating. Music Videos includes any videos you have uploaded. Recently Added songs and Recently Played songs are updated frequently and the Top 25 Most Played lists the current 25 songs that have the highest play count numbers.

By being familiar with the simple left hand menu in the iTunes program, you’re set to start using iTunes for your enjoyment and entertainment on your computer. Have fun!

~ Sheida