Spell Checking in Opera

Let me see a show of hands. How many of you are avid Opera Web browser users? I know there are several of you out there, because I’m constantly getting questions about doing certain things in Opera. And recently, one of the most popular topics has been “how to spell check in Opera.” Now, I’m fairly new to Opera myself, so I had to do some searching for this one, but I found an easy solution I think you’re all going to like. Let’s go!

The Opera browser itself doesn’t come with a spell checker, so you have to download a separate one yourself. One that works really well with Opera is GNU Aspell. It’s free and once it’s installed, Opera recognizes it right away and instantly starts checking your spelling. In order for it to work properly, you need to install GNU Aspell and one or more of its dictionaries. Without at least one dictionary, GNU Aspell will not be able to function as a spell checker, so you have to make sure you install both components.

To download GNU Aspell and a dictionary, head on over to this Web site. Click on the link that says Full Installer and follow the directions. Once that part is finished, go back to the same page and click on the download link for the English dictionary (or whichever one you want). When everything is complete, you’ll need to restart your browser. Opera will then recognize the spell checker and whenever you need something checked, just click on the Check Spelling option. That’s all you have to do for quick spell checking in Opera!

~ Erin