More Firefox 3 Features

Want to learn a little more about Firefox 3? Then let’s do it!

First of all, Firefox 3 has stronger filters and protection against malware, phishing Web sites, cookies and other tools that can compromise your privacy and security. A malware warning shows up when you visit Web sites that are known to install malicious software. Plus, by default, Firefox 3 is set up not to show the content of dangerous sites and it also double checks with Google’s ever-growing blacklist of phishing Web sites. With all of that in place, you can now feel even better about switching over to the new Firefox 3 Web browser!

Improved Download Manager

With the new Firefox 3 Download Manager, you’ll never have to wonder where a download came from or where it went ever again. Gran Paradiso’s Download Manager lets you search through recent files, resume big downloads after a crash or restart and it allows you to keep an eye on your transfers via the status bar. Nice!

Native Looks for Every System

Your Web browser is a serious part of your computing life, so having it look like nothing else on your system can be quite frustrating. Luckily, Firefox’s designers made system integration a priority with the new release and it shows! I mean, even Windows XP and Vista’s button layouts have subtle differences in color and shading. There are differences at deeper levels too, with cover flow styling for the add ons manager for OS X, transparencies in key places in Vista and OS X and other tweaks that make your browser feel like a natural extension of your computer.

So, now that you have all of this new information, you can go and enjoy your Firefox 3 browser even more!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami