Caring Bridge

Welcome to Caring Bride, a Web site devoted to bringing families closer together during times of critical illness, treatment and recovery. They offer free Web space for anyone who’s going through a health crisis.

Head on over to the Our Service section and you’ll see all they have to offer. You can also watch a video while you’re there. I highly recommend the video, because it walks you through all the steps you need to get started. The video covers everything in three steps, starting with your registration and ending with your site being complete and showing you how family members can use it too.

You’ll also find some FAQs in the Our Service section that will more than likely answer any questions you may have. You can even browse the Web site template styles you’ll use when creating your site. That way, you’ll have an idea of what you want as you go through the sign up process.

The Our Service section also offers testimonials from people who have used Caring Bridge during illnesses, treatments and recovery. You can read their stories and really see what a difference it made on their journey.

How to Help – This section has the Refer a Friend link and I want to encourage you to use it. If you know someone who is ill or even recovering, send them the link to this site or use the form to send it. They can get signed up and start receiving support from their friends and family, whether they live near each other or not.

This is an amazing service that is keeping families and friends together and up to date during some of the hardest times you can go through. Give it a try today!

~ Amanda