Page Setup in Excel 2007

Are you using Excel 2007?

Having trouble locating the Page Setup options you frequently use?

I’m sure by now you’ve found many things under the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the options are there as separate buttons, allowing you to quickly set one aspect, without the need for the old Page Setup dialogue window.

That can be a great time saver, but what if you really need to get into the Page Setup dialogue window you’ve grown so accustomed to using?

It’s possible there’s something there you aren’t finding anywhere else.

So, now what?

No problem. You can get there with just one simple click!

Under the Page Setup tab on the ribbon, you’ll find that the three center sections (Page Setup, Scale to Fit and Sheet Options) all have a little arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the section.

If you click on the arrow, you’re right back to the familiar environment you were seeking.

Ahhh, it’s good to be “home!”

~ April